Program Directors/Program Coordinators


Director, Quality Enhancement Cell

Dr. Shahid R. Mir
E-mail: smir at

Director, Centre for Executive Education

Dr. Izhar M. Hussain
E-mail: imhussain at

Director, Center for Business & Economics Research

Dr. Qazi Masood Ahmed
E-mail: qmasood at

Program Director, BBA Program

Syed Sharjeel Ahmad Hasnie
E-mail: shasnie at

Program Director, Computer Science

Dr. S. M. Faisal Iradat
E-mail: firadat at

Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Head of Alumni Affairs, Graduate Placement, External Relations and Resource Mobilization and CDC

Malahat Awan
E-mail: mawan at

Program Director, MBA Program

Dr. Abdul Nasir Afghan
E-mail: nafghan at

Program Director, EMBA Programs

Muhammad Saleem Umer
E-mail: msumer at

Program Director, Center for Entrepreneurship Development

Dr. Shahid Qureshi
E-mail: squreshi at
Program Coordinator PhD/MS (Economics) & BS (EM)

Program Director PhD/MS (Economics) & BS (EM) and Chairperson Economics Department

Dr. Heman Das Lohano
E-mail: hlohano at

Coordinator, Testing Services

Mohammad Asad Ilyas
E-mail: ailyas at

Chairman, Library Committee

Dr. Syed Noman ul Haq
E-mail: shaq at

Coordinator, BS Accounting & Finance

Haroon Tabraze
E-mail: htabraze at

Director Talent Hunt Program (THP)

Dr. Zeenat Ismail
E-mail: zismail at

Coordinator, Ardeshir Cowasjee Centre for Writing

Maria Hasan
E-mail: mhsiddiqui at

Coordinator, Foreign Languages Program (FLP)

Ms. Rabail Qayyum
E-mail: rqayyum at

Director PGD (SCM) Program - CEE

Dr. Rameez Khalid
E-mail: rameezkhalid at

Director PGD (HRM) Program - CEE

Nyla Aleem Ansari
E-mail: nansari at

Director, Centre for Excellence inIslamic Finance

Ahmed Ali Siddiqui
E-mail: aasiddiqui at

Coordinator, BS Economics & Math & MS & PhD Economics & Program

Dr. Wali Ullah
E-mail: waliullah at

Program Director, Center for Excellence in Journalism

Kamal Haq Siddiqi
E-mail: ksiddiqi at

Program Director, MS Islamic Finance

Irum Saba
E-mail: isaba at
Program Coordinator  PhD/MS (Mathematics) & BS (EM)

Program Coordinator PhD/MS (Mathematics) & BS (EM)

Dr. Danish Ali
E-mail: dali at
Program Coordinator, Family Business Management Program - CEE

Program Coordinator, Family Business Management Program- CEE

Ayesha Anas Iftikhar
Program Coordinator, Project Management Program - CEE

Program Coordinator, Project Management Program- CEE

Dr. Syed Irfan Nabi
syedirfannabi at
Program Coordinator, Finance Program

Program Coordinator, Finance Program

Dr. Ahmad Junaid
ajunaid at
Students' Counselor

Students' Counselor

S.M. Saeed
ssaeed at