60 Years of Excellence


Karachi, March 16: A press conference was held by Dr. Ishrat Husain, Dean & Director IBA at the Karachi Press Club to commemorate IBA's upcoming 60th anniversary.

The IBA journey of excellence started in 1955 and IBA has been grooming outstanding leaders for the last 60 years. IBA has remained an island of excellence in spite of all the challenges an educational institution in Karachi faces. However, Dr. Ishrat Husain, who took over the position of Dean and Director IBA, six years ago, did a remarkable job, which will perhaps go down as a turnaround in IBA's history.

Today IBA has resurfaced as the best public sector university, surpassing both public and private sector universities of Pakistan in many fields.

Briefing the media, Dr. Ishrat Husain said, 'IBA has 13000 alumni and if you ask any organization, their preference is IBA graduates. The reason is that our admissions are done purely on merit, there's simply no compromise on merit, no governor or minister can temper with the process of admission. Also the quality of an IBA graduate is so high because discipline has thoroughly been instilled in them, no class or exam are ever cancelled because of any strikes or curfews. Our students have 4-5 job offers even before they graduate, such is the eagerness to hire our graduates by leading corporations.'

Clearing the misconception that IBA education is only for the well-off people of our society, Dr. Ishrat said that this quality education of IBA is not just reserved for the elite, it has long been IBA's tradition to financially assist all those candidates who clear IBA's admission test, if a candidate is able to clear the admission test, IBA financially assists them for the entire four years. Every third student at IBA receives some form of financial assistance, out of 2500 full time students, 500 are given financial aid.

Playing its role towards strengthening and uplifting the society, IBA has Sindh Talent Hunt Program (STHP) and National Talent Hunt Programs (NTHP) in place. In these programs, candidates from the remote areas of Sindh and Pakistan are brought to IBA, groomed to appear in the admission test and if they clear the test, they get complete financial assistance for their 4 year programs, along with a stipend. Through these programs children of constables and fishermen are able to study at IBA, which is very heartening as it will help uplift entire families out of poverty and illiteracy.

Shedding light on the selection of IBA's faculty, Dr. Ishrat said that the IBA faculty is selected through a transparent process, IBA has 100 full time faculty, of which 50 are PhDs.

The IBA campuses had not had any new buildings since 1965, so Dr. Ishrat initiated the process to revamp IBA completely and appealed to the business community of Pakistan to come forward and donate heavily for this mighty cause. And people donated generously and IBA received Rs. 500 crore in donations. 'State of the art physical and technical infrastructure has been established at IBA, where thirty five new projects (a sports complex and a 14 floor tower) have been completed and are running successfully, so from 4 old buildings at the main campus we have gone to a campus full of new buildings in the last 6 years.' said Dr. Ishrat. Husain. He also said that Pakistani people are generous and giving, all they need is an assurance and credibility from the receiver that donations will be utilized fully for the said cause. He further added that all IBA's reports are available publically for anyone to see and check. Dr. Ishrat invited all the journalists present at the Press Club to come and see the IBA excellence for themselves.

Elaborating on the 60 years celebration of IBA, Dr. Ishrat briefed the media about a fund raising dinner, which will take place on the 21st March (IBA's Foundation Day) and the main attraction will be the internationally acclaimed singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Followed by that a full week of students' week activities will be conducted at both campuses. An exclusive exhibition showcasing Sadequain's works will be exhibited in October. In December, a book on IBA's history will be launched. Dr. Ishrat also invited the media to the 60 years celebration of IBA.

On this momentous occasion, IBA maintains its resolve to serve the people of Pakistan, like it has for the past 6 decades and we hope to continue being an institution of excellence.