Your Children at IBA

Your children are our most valuable assets, we want nothing but the best educational opportunities for them. At IBA your children will have access to state of the art educational resources and the perfect mix of corporate and PhD professors. Thus at IBA, we will nurture your children to become your legacy. Our selection criterion is the toughest in the country, so you can take pride in the fact that your children are IBAns.

Student Safety

We provide safe transport between both campuses for all our students with an armed escort. The IBA Boys Hostel and IBA Girls Hostel are situated within Karachi University. There are dedicated guards at these residences who ensure the safety and security of all occupants.


The IBA campus is equipped with full sized cricket ground, football field, basketball court, tennis courts, indoor badminton courts and a state of the art gym. There are common rooms for students to work and the entire campus is centrally air-conditioned. Thus your children will be able to not only develop their professional abilities, but also keep active and physically fit during their stay at IBA.

Student Events

There are numerous student organization which cater to a wide variety of intellectual and sportive interests. There are regular events around the academic calendar which help students gain valuable administrative and event management experience. All societies receive support from notable businesses who sponsor the events, thus helping the students expand their understanding of the actual work environment. In addition there are annual alumni reunions which foster a sense of brotherhood among graduates from the last six decades.