NTHP Scholars shared their success stories with the Teach for Pakistan student held on February 5, 2015 at South Shore Academy, Karachi

Teach for Pakistan is a Non-Profit Organization, a group of motivated individuals who are aimed to provide equal education for everyone Pakistani. The NGO is headed under the Aman Foundation which is doing amazing work in different walks of life to help people beat the normal curve of their lives and make it more meaningful and worthy.

A couple of days back, on a sunny Saturday morning, we as Volunteers (Amjad Khan –BS(CS)-VIII, Irum Raza –BS(CS)-VIII and Haseeb Akhund –BS(Acc. & Fin.)-V) had the chance to become a part of one of the information sessions organized by Teach for Pakistan. The session was aimed to motivate the young kids, who were being educated under the Teach for Pakistan program, to develop themselves in life and utilize the big opportunity which they are getting as a part of Teach for Pakistan community. We were there as examples to build hope in them that there are a lot of organizations to help them develop and achieve their goals; National Talent Hunt Program being one of them. We encouraged them to put their hard work into their studies and Allah swt will open ways for their better future.

The CEO of Teach for Pakistan is a very humble and outgoing person, she shared her life story with us and discussed the incidents that changed her life; A lot of emphasis was given on the fact that a good teacher plays a vital role in making kids envision their dreams.

During the session the kids showed a lot of passion for learning and commitment to their institute. They talked about how much lucky they feel being a part of Teach for Pakistan. Their eyes glittered with the hope, Teach for Pakistan is instilling in them. Each kid wanted to be the part of that positive change which we all want to see in our nation. It was a great opportunity for us to be grateful to people and organizations with such noble causes. The trip reminded us of the duty of giving back to our community.