Memorial Session to Honour Late Dr. Abdul Wahab

Memorial Session to Honour Late Dr. Abdul Wahab

October 7: IBA commemorated the services and memories of Dr. Abdul Wahab (Former Dean & Director IBA) by paying a tribute to him at a memorial session held in G&T Auditorium. The audience comprised of family members, ex colleagues BoG members, Academic Committee, Former Deans & Directors and IBA alumni, who attended the session to show gratitude towards the deceased.

Followed by Tilawat-e-Quran, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal addressed the audience on this somber occasion and said, "We are all gathered here to commemorate the unparalleled services of Dr. Abdul Wahab; former Dean & Director IBA. Dr. Wahab, an institute within himself, was an exemplary Dean who played an instrumental role in IBA's evolution.

Dr. Wahab was known for his determined attitude towards education. Under his leadership, IBA emerged as the leading educational institute of the country. He had a penchant for discipline and set an example by refusing to act submissively in front of the higher authority on many occasions.

Dr. Wahab completed his early education in India, completed his graduation from Sindh Madrassah Arts and Commerce College, Karachi, in 1958 and after completing his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from IBA, he joined the institute as a faculty member and was later appointed as the Director of IBA from June 1984 to April 1995 and then from November 1996 to July 1999. During his decades-long educational career, Dr. Abdul Wahab served as Vice Chancellor of the Karachi University and as President of the Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU)."

Shedding light on his many merits, Dr. Farrukh said that Dr. Wahab was a man of his principles and was awarded with Sitara-e-Imtiaz (Star of Excellence) for his educational services. The 'Order of the Rising Sun', Japan's second-highest award, was also conferred upon him by the Emperor and Prime Minister of Japan for his distinguished contribution to education. Mr. Wahab authored a book titled "Sarkari Idaroun Ki Islah"; a prominent incident highlighted in the book was when he deprived his own son of an admission in IBA for not meeting the merit criteria. Those who knew him, knew how particular he was about following rules and regulations – there were never any exceptions.

On behalf of IBA Karachi, Dr. Farrukh extended his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and friends and prayed that the Almighty Allah grant them fortitude to bear this loss and that Dr. Wahab's soul be granted with eternal peace.

Memorial Session to Honour Late Dr. Abdul Wahab

A video tribute by the ICT department was showcased to highlight the many achievements of Dr. Wahab.

Reliving old memories, visiting faculty IBA, Mr. Mirza Sardar commented upon the long association that he had with Dr. Wahab, in the capacity of a teacher, mentor, guide and boss. He said that Dr. Wahab always encouraged and appreciated his students and had helped Mr. Mirza promptly in form of guidance and provision of recommendations.

Dr. Syed Irfan Haider, Dean CBM and an IBA alumnus remembered Dr. Wahab with a befitting tribute and said it was an honour to talk about a personality, which as students at IBA, they always looked up to and admired. He said that Dr. Abdul Wahab was a ray of hope and determination for educational institutions in the 1980's, when many educational institutions were heavily politicized. And in those trying times, Dr. Wahab held not only the high standards of IBA but set an example for all the other institutions; how to not back down in the face of adversity. He said Dr. Wahab was amongst those who sincerely believed that IBA was forever and that IBA's integrity, high standards and sovereignty must be held under any circumstances. Dr. Wahab inculcated the values of punctuality, attendance and no cheating in the students at a time of political wilderness.

An old associate of Dr. Wahab, Mr. Mohammad Anwar (former IBA employee) talked about his 36 year of association with the deceased. He said that Dr. Wahab never bowed down in front of higher authority and was a courageous person. He narrated many incidents where Dr. Wahab acted bravely in highly perilous situations for upholding IBA's principles and did not even back down when he received numerous death threats. He also credited the commission of Karachi University's boundary wall to Dr. Wahab under his tenure as Vice Chancellor, Karachi University.

Memorial Session to Honour Late Dr. Abdul Wahab

Adding a personal note to the memorial, Dr. Wahab's son, Mr. Babar thanked the attendees for their presence and said that his father was a man of public appearance and would have appreciated this memorial by his staff. He said that Dr. Wahab had a 20 year long association with his staff and that his life's ambition was striving for excellence. He said that contrary to the belief, Dr. Wahab was a kind and doting father who had strong work ethics and he strongly believed in the quote, 'Excellence is painful'. He also said that Dr. Wahab believed in leaving a legacy of greatness behind. Furthermore he asked the attendees to forgive his father's soul if they still had any misgivings about him. He said that even those who had a difference of opinion with his father attended his funeral and thus it proved that those differences were on the work front and not personal.

Mr. Sham-us-Zoha, Senior Manager Corporate Affairs also held the deceased in high esteem and narrated many fond memories and said that Dr. Wahab treated all his employees equally and made it a point to attend weddings and funerals of his employees even after leaving IBA.

The somber event came to a conclusion with the attendees extending condolences to Dr. Wahab's family and remembering the many merits of a courageous former IBA Dean.