Session on "Leadership & Islamic Finance" by Mr. Almir Colan

Session on Leadership & Islamic Finance by Mr. Almir Colan

IBA Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance conducted a session on "Leadership & Islamic Finance" with Mr. Almir Colan on the 9th of April, at the Institute of Business Management, Karachi.

The session was attended by students MS-IBF program (1st batch) of the Institution. Through his lecture on Leadership and Islamic Finance Mr. Colan urged to ignite the dormant forces of Muslim youth by unleashing their potential of 'The Shepherd Within', who tends the flock - caring the helpless, assembling the scattered ones and guiding the potential leaders. Reinforced with his decade long experience and deep insight in the field of Islamic History, Economics, Banking & Finance he is enthused with the impression of the revival of Muslims' thought i.e., Muslims mindset of being borrowers to the status of donors and from being job seekers to the job creators

About the Speaker
The Guest speaker Mr. Almir Colan is a Director of Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF) and Director of Awqaf, Australia. He is advisor and board member of several renowned institutions of Islamic Finance such as; Ilim College, Melbourne; Garden College, Adelaide; La Trobe University, Australia; Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV); and AAOIFI.