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Information Session


On the 16th of May, 2015, IBA organized an information session for students hoping to apply internationally for their MBA. The Session was conducted by an IBA alumnus Ms. Onaizah Panhwar, who has recently been admitted into the Harvard Business School MBA program. Ms. Onaizah was accompanied by her colleagues Mr. Adnan Sajjad in the main campus, and Mr. Hamza Munir and Mr. Usama Naseem in the city campus all of whom have recently been admitted into prestigious international universities such as Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton and London Business School.

Ms. Onaizah and her group, enlightened the students about the application process, the preparation and managing the finances for the entire trip.

They implored that a high percentile GPA and GMAT Score is important but every application is unique and considered individually. They pressed upon the students to not be intimidated by big names and supposedly high requirements. They described that successful candidates are always highly ambitious and driven to change their environment and be successful. The applicants must demonstrate that they have shown great leadership by demonstrating that they can take projects and carry them from beginning to end.

The session was conducted in both campuses. Mr. Hamza and Mr. Osama conducted the session in City Campus, while Ms. Onaizah and her colleague, Mr. Adnan presented in the Main Campus. After an extensive question and answer session, the presenters invited students to further the discussion on their facebook page where prospective candidates can also refer to their presentation.