Independence Day Celebration at IBA Karachi

 Independence Day Celebration at IBA Karachi

August 14, 2016: The 70th Independence Day was celebrated with the spirit of patriotism and brotherhood on Sunday, 14th August 2016, at the IBA main campus. A large number of IBA faculty, students, staff and international students and alumni gathered for the happy occasion. The ceremony started off with a Dua -e-Khair for the country's prosperity.

Faculty, staff members, IBA students and overseas participants of the IESS (International Entrepreneurship Summer School) Program assembled on the patio for the ceremony. Dr. Sayeed Ghani, Acting Dean & Director and Mr. Shahid Shafeeq, Member BoG hoisted the flag as the National Anthem of Pakistan played along.

Addressing the Independence Day attendees, Dr. Sayeed Ghani Acting Dean & Director IBA said he was glad to see such a big representation of the IBA family on this 14th August and this tradition should continue. Furthermore, while stating admirable facts about Pakistan to the IESS students, Dr. Ghani said, 'You will find that Pakistan is a country filled with warm and welcoming people.' He went on to say, 'We need to think for the nation's interest rather than our own self-interests as for Pakistan to prosper, we all need to stand united and work for one cause - that is Pakistan!'

Dr. Naveen Zehra Minai, Faculty Social Sciences, took the charge of the podium as she delivered a thought-provoking speech. "Before we celebrate this Independence Day, I would like everyone to ponder over questions regarding freedom." Dr. Minai tried to exhibit the other side of Independence which is Partition. She said that it is important that we do not forget the sacrifices and separation people faced in 1947.

Later on, Mr. Shahid Shafeeq, along with Dr. Sayeed Ghani presented small souvenirs to the participants and program Coordinator, Mr. Najam, of IESS. The participants hailed from the following countries:

Poland, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, USA, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The ceremony market its end as IBA family gathered for a photograph and everyone marched towards Students Centre for refreshments.

"With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve." Quaid-e-Azam

 Independence Day Celebration at IBA Karachi