IBA Welcomes Mian Mohammad Abdullah ESQ for the Inauguration of the Mian Abdullah Library


On 12th October, IBA welcomed Mr. Mian Mohammad Abdullah, the Founder Chairman of the Sapphire Group (one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated textile organization with heavy investments in the energy sector as well) and his family for the inauguration of the Mian Abdullah Library at its Main Campus. The event was marked by the ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a tour of the new library. The library is state-of-the-art with inspirations and design inputs from best modern practices. Dr. Ishrat Husain welcomed the guests and guided them through the 4 unique centers of study, namely: Individual study spaces, Collaborative study spaces, Leisure study spaces and the Multimedia study spaces. Each space encourages students to collaborate with each other and pursue study alone and in groups.

Dr. Ishrat Husain stressed the importance of libraries by mentioning how proud he was that students were turning to the library even outside of exam season. He stated “The aesthetics of a library will draw students to enjoy studying and read books and browse magazines. This library, including bringing our PhD faculty to 80% by the end of 2017, is a measure IBA has taken to offer Pakistani students the best facilities and education rather than opting for 2nd Tier Western universities.”

Mr. Mian Abdullah remarked that the achievement was remarkable and he recalled that over his past relationship with IBA, seeing so much recent development was encouraging and a breath of fresh air. Dr. Nomanul Haq, the Chairman of the Library Committee, remarked on the importance of holistic education and how the Mian Abdullah Library will encourage intellectual growth for students in an environment of learning.

The library can accommodate 450 students at a time and is a marvel of architectural design.