17th Annual Population Research Conference held at IBA-Karachi in collaboration with Population Association of Pakistan

Dr. Farrukh in Pakistan's Economics Summit

25 NOVEMBER: Institute Of Business Administration (IBA) in collaboration with Population Association of Pakistan held the inaugural session of the 17th annual population research conference at the Jahangir Siddiqui Auditorium, IBA city campus, Karachi.

The opening remarks were made by Dr. Ali Muhammad Mir, Associate & Director Programs PAP, who thanked everyone in the audience for being a part of the conference and introduced all the esteemed guests.

The welcome address was given by Ms. Shahnaz Wazir Ali (S.I.), President Population Association of Pakistan, who started by welcoming the keynote speaker Dr. Zaiba Sattar, Country Director Population Council. She continued by thanking Dr. Farrukh Iqbal on behalf of the executive members of the executive council of PAP, for giving them the opportunity to hold the conference at the splendid 'state of the art', City campus, IBA. She continued by talking about how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG'S) are critically linked to the population dynamics of our country. She ended by thanking all the partners of the conference for putting in their efforts.

After her departure, the cohost Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Dean and Director of Institute of Business Administration (IBA) came on the stage. He said, "Today let me take this opportunity to welcome you all to IBA to what looks like the most promising conference."

Later Dr. Zeba A. Sattar, opened the presentation by talking about 'The Centrality of Population Dynamics for Achieving the SDG'S. She mentioned how unfortunate it is that the issue of gender inequality hasn't improved in Pakistan and the likelihood of larger household fall into the criteria of poverty rather than the smaller households.

Building on that momentum, Dr. Hassan Mohtashami, representative of UNFPA Pakistan spoke about population dynamics in Pakistan. He talked about how there is insufficient recognition among national leaders of the ways in which rapid growth has held back economic development and in particular human development.

The chief guest, Mir Hazar khan Bijarani, Minister Planning & Development, started off by acknowledging the support of the international partners.

Addressing the audience, Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan Jakhrani, Minister for population welfare Government of Sindh, thanked everyone for making the event a successful one and for their active participation. In the end every guest on the stage was presented with a shield as a token of appreciation.

The theme of the conference is based on investing in family planning as a means to achieve the sustainable development goals. The SDGs are a global agenda that aims at improving the health and well-being of the people and raising the standards of living.

Dr. Zeba A Sattar , Country Director, Population Council Islamabad said that we have to reduce the unmet need for family planning to reduce unwanted pregnancies specially amongst the poorer segment, who are having more children than they desire and can afford.

Eminent guests at this remarkable conference were as following:

Chief Guest- Mir Hazar khan Bijarani
Dr. Ali Muhammad Pir – Associate & Director programs, Population council/ Member executive council, PAP.
Dr. Shahnaz wazir Ali (SI), president, population Association of Pakistan
DR. Farrukh Iqbal, Dean and director IBA
Dr. Zeba A. Sattar- country director of the population council
Dr. Hassan Mohtashami- representative of UNFPA
Mir Mumtaz Hussain Khan Jakhrani- Minister for population welfare Government of Sindh

Overall, the conference was quite fruitful and informative and shed light on how to make this country more successful and how enormous population growth is expected over the next 20 years and beyond.