IBA, Pakistan's Iconic Institution, Concludes Its 60 Year Celebrations


Karachi, 31 December, 2015: The culminating event to commemorate IBA's 60 year celebrations took place in form of a book launch; encapsulating IBA's rich history of 60 fruitful years. The launch ceremony of the book titled 'Chronicling Excellence: A History of IBA' was held on Thursday, December 31st at the IBA City Campus, Jahangir Siddiqui Auditorium packed with distinguished alumni and well-wishers.

To commemorate IBA's 60th year, a series of celebrations took place starting from March 16, a press conference was held by the Dean & Director IBA, Dr. Ishrat Husain at the Karachi Press Club for the first time in IBA's history. On IBA's Foundation Day (March 21), a night of musical festivity took place, where the maestro Rahat Ali Khan entertained a large gathering of alumni, faculty and guests with his melodious songs. This was followed by the Student week in which various societies organized events such as cricket tournament, girls' outdoor sports, music competition, dramas etc. Then on September 12, IBA organized the first ever 'Foreign Ministers Forum' at which the current incumbent Mr. Sartaj Aziz outlined Pakistan's foreign policy. Two former Ministers, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar and Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri presented the policies their governments had adopted. A seminar and exhibition was also held on Sadequain's rubaiyat. Furthermore, IBA has won the competition among Pakistani Universities for establishing the Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance (CEIF) which has added further cause for celebration. The inaugural ceremony of the centre was performed by Senator Mohd. Ishaq Dar, Federal Minister for Finance, Revenue, Economic Affairs, Statistics and Privatization of Pakistan on November 27th at the IBA AMAN Tower.

Addressing the guests at the book launch ceremony, Dr. Ishrat Husain said, the final celebratory event for 60 years celebrations marks IBA's recording of its printed history through the collection of scattered documents. IBA has a rich history which spans various locations and founders, which made the collection of its official records a challenge, which the author rose up-to to compile this trove of knowledge. Over a 100 alumni were interviewed to maintain accuracy and a feel for the institution over its 60 years. This book is not meant as a final word, as Dr. Ishrat called for the literati of Pakistan and abroad to read, critique and contribute to the collection of IBA's records.


Following the Dean & Director, the author, Sibtain Naqvi shared his approach towards creating this historical volume not as a novel but as an accurate depiction of history. He mentioned IBA has survived global and regional politics and economic upheavals to survive, sustain and grow to what it is today. He identified the administrative team under the Registrar Captain (Retd) Ahmed Zaheer as a valuable asset who discovered documents thought to be lost under red tapes.

To shed light on the cultural growth at IBA, Dr. Noman ul Haq took the stand to share the necessity of the study of art and literature especially at an Institute of IBA's stature. Dr. Noman ul Haq shared anecdotes to shed light on how a well-rounded personality is created through the fusion where art and science meet. Intellectual nourishment is required even for business students to understand the human element as Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates and Mohummad Yunus (Grameen Bank) used their understanding of the human psychology to develop their businesses.

Mr. Javed Jabbar offered a detailed analysis of the book, citing the unique style of the book as a thematic record of history rather than a chronological order. He stressed that the book is not a history of IBA but a reflection of Pakistan as a record told through the eyes of the IBA students. He recognized the importance of the US institutions, University of Pennsylvania and Wharton, which helped form the IBA and how their contribution in the early 50s cannot be denied.

Guest speaker Ms. Ayesha Menai (Head of Human Resources at First Women Bank & Former Head of Human Resource at IBA) recalled her rigorous lifestyle while a student at IBA, and she stressed that the book may end but IBA's story continues.

The book was officially launched by the Chief Guest Mr. Justice Munib Akhtar, Sindh High Court, and he stressed how honored he was to be at IBA. As a Board of Governor at IBA, he recognized the true asset as its people and it is through their contributions that IBA is now a national icon. He mentioned that the advent of LUMS has offered a competitor to keep IBA from becoming complacent.

Awards and Mementos were presented to the Chief Guest, author, speakers and collaborators by the Dean & Director Dr. Ishrat Husain and Justice Munib Akhter.

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