IBA Marketing Club (IMC) continues to get bigger and better! the day of IMC's Grand Launch, was proof of it!


IBA Marketing Club (IMC) continues to get bigger and better! October 08, 2015, the day of IMC's Grand Launch, was proof of it!

The day began like any other ordinary Thursday with students undergoing their monotonous class schedules. But as they wrapped up to go home, they were treated with a fun-filled and exciting Carnival in the gardens of IBA. The irresistible free Kulfis and Gola Gandas, the temptingly delicious food and drinks, and everyone's favorite "Jhoola" instantly attracted a huge crowd. The creative stalls of games, jewellery, accessories and gift items set up by IBA students, and those of renowned brands further captured the attention of curious souls. While many were lured in by the mere presence of talented and professional photographers, others attended the festivities simply to have a joyous time with their friends.

However, the fun and surprises were not over just yet! Students huddled into the Amphitheatre to grab the best possible seat for the much awaited Fashion Walk. While final preparations for the event's highlight were underway, IBA's versatile students entertained the audience with their incredible singing and shocking confessions. And then began the Walk itself… Men's collection by Edenrobe and female's wardrobe by designers Aisha Motiwala and Maryam Kazi were showcased brilliantly by the models against the engulfing music. Our special thanks also to the make-up artists, Faiza Khan, Envy, Nida Jamal and Saniya Aamer, and their teams.

The distribution of plaques to sponsors as a token of appreciation by the esteemed patron of IMC, Mr. Jami Moiz, marked the end of an amazing show. Our heartiest congratulations to the IMC team 2015–16 for outdoing their predecessors and organizing a truly Grand Launch. We wish them the best of luck and anxiously look forward to their upcoming events!