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Guest Speaker Session - Ms. Josette Dijkhuizen


28th of February, 2015 marked its importance by welcoming two important figures who inspired the CIE and EMBA participants by their thought provoking words, guidelines and personal experience.

Ms. Josette Dijkhuizen, a special guest from Netherlands, was invited to share some words about her entrepreneurial journey. Her PHD research work which is focused towards success and happiness for entrepreneurs her new project Empower targeted towards women shelters. Ms. Jossette was on a mission to Pakistan to visit the Expo Pakistan as well as meet with players in the entrepreneurial arena of Pakistan. Her visit to IBA introduced her to wonderful work being done at IBA AMAN CED. She interacted with the participants and gave them her insights on adding social value to their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Afterwards, the CIE and EMBA participants were entertained by Mr. Saleem Tanoli, CEO of FAKT EXHIBITIONS (PVT) LTD, who visited Aman CED, IBA Karachi for the first time, to share his remarkable experience he acquired in establishing his business. He gave an inspirational speech regarding the seemingly never ending hurdles and obstacles he faced in not only founding his own business but also trying to maintain it. What is more significant about his quest of success was not only his confrontations with his competitors, rivals, internal matters, media or government but his drive to brighten the image of his country Pakistan in foreign world which has never failed in falling prey to disappointment due to political factors. His struggles required him to never surrender after facing several downfalls in life, he did not only focused towards his business but along with it, promoting Pakistan has always remained part of his goals which suggests a presence of patriotism in his heart. Among his several words of wisdom was the discussion about the morality and honesty as the key of success and how the citizens of Pakistan should put an effort to apply such characteristics in their business. He proclaimed about his uniqueness in his entrepreneurial work by stating, "I may not be a gold medalist in education, however, I sure am a gold medalist in my line of business".