Aug 8, 2015: Flood Lights Cricket Match

Shan E Pakistan

IBA Flood Lights Opening Ceremony was celebrated on 08-08-2015 with first night Cricket match played between IBA Faculty/Staff v/s IBA Students and first time in the history of Pakistan IBA is the first University to provide Flood Lights sports facility to students for playing Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball Tennis & etc.

IBA sports department arranged night cricket match between IBA Staff v/s IBA Students. IBA Students team won the toss and elected to bat first and made 176 runs in 20 overs with loss of 9 wickets and IBA Faculty/Staff team scored 132 runs in 17 overs and all team was out, IBA students team won the match by 44 runs.

Best performers in the match were:

1. Zubair Arif scored 36 runs 1. Gohar Raza scored 27 runs
2. Haris scored 30 runs 2. Haris Tauheed scored 16 runs and 3 wickets
3. Aman Jafri scored 29 runs 3. Ali Naqvi scored 11 runs and 3 wickets
4. Hammad Qaiser took 3 wickets 4. Muhammad Atif scored 20 runs
    5. Moiz scored 14 runs and 2 wickets

Dr. Ishrat Husain Dean and Director of IBA is performing key role to promote Sports Culture at IBA and on International level. Dr. Ishrat Husain said, “We will be providing more facilities to the students of IBA Karachi and all over Pakistan so that our students can get best environment in University with their Academics.

Shan E Pakistan