IBA Faculty Bids Farewell to Dr. Ishrat Husain


March 10: IBA faculty bid adieu to Dr. Ishrat Husain on a pleasant March evening at the Alumni Students' Centre, IBA main campus. A large number of the IBA faculty gathered to say goodbye to their visionary leader, Dr. Ishrat Husain.

Ms. Shehreena Amin, hosted the eventful evening. The event started with a video clip showcasing the many achievements of both Dr. Ishrat Husain and his faculty.

Demonstrating their appreciation for Dr. Ishrat Husain, the faculty bid farewell to Dr. Ishrat Husain in their own unique ways. Mr. Muhammad Asif Jaffer recited a special poem penned by him for Dr. Ishrat, while Dr. Syed Nomanul Haq also recited a poetic version of his prose in honour of Dr. Ishrat.


Addressing the esteemed guests, Dr. Sayeed Ghani, Associate Dean IBA said that he was bidding farewell to Dr. Ishrat with a heavy heart and that Dr. Ishrat truly is an inspirational leader of our times. Dr. Sayeed thanked Dr. Ishrat on behalf of the faculty for all that he has taught and done for them.

Addressing his faculty for the final time as the Dean & Director, IBA, Dr. Ishrat Husain thanked the faculty for their presence and said he was extremely touched by this gesture. He said the last eight years had been a fruitful journey and together we achieved this great turnaround at IBA; he strongly believes that great accomplishments require teamwork and such was the scenario at IBA.

Saying goodbye, Dr. Ishrat said, 'It is the faculty and students who make a difference to any institution and not the buildings, therefore it is your collective responsibility to take IBA to the next level of greatness. Also, I want to see you sought after by the corporate sector to become their advisors and I want to see you on advisory panels in the private and government sectors. I want you the faculty to be recognized by international bodies and have you invited as key resource persons on international forums. I want you to contribute not only intellectually but also towards the economic and social upliftment of the country. We are nothing without this country and so we owe it to ourselves to serve Pakistan to the best of our abilities, let's stop indulging in blame games and take responsibility. Let's make IBA the benchmark- a role model for other institutions to emulate. Lastly, I would urge you to take care of your colleagues and human resources as it is the best investment that you can make towards the progression of your institute.'


The Associate Deans, Dr. Sayeed Ghani and Dr. Mohammad Nishat, along with all seven Chairpersons presented Dr. Ishrat Husain with a token of appreciation on behalf of the IBA faculty. Many other token of appreciations, in forms of plaques, shields and albums were presented to Dr. Ishrat from various faculty members and departments. A farewell card with the signatures of all IBA faculty members was also presented to Dr. Ishrat Husain.

The evening ended on a pleasant note with a ghazal night; IBA faculty, Mr. Amir Bashir also sang a song for the guests.