Eid at Home ….. Away from Home!


As the sun rose to mark the first day of Eid-Ul-Azha, the residents of the IBA Boys Hostel were in for a day full of surprises. While most of the residents were long gone to celebrate Eid with their families and loved ones, a few had to stay back. Naturally, those left behind at the hostel on such occasions face boredom, solitude and sometimes depression and are envious of the joys of those who are lucky enough to reunite with their families on festive occasions.

However, things turned out unexpectedly different this time. Upon returning from the Eid prayer, the hostel residents were taken aback by the unusually sumptuous breakfast laid on their tables, and later the sight of sacrificial animals being slaughtered in the Hostel backyard was spectacular. Word of mouth spread quickly, whilst the young men were still confused and awe struck by this alien sight. In a matter of minutes, there was a sizable crowd of curious spectators watching the show. The newly elected hostel committee was clearly up to something previously unheard of. The perplexed look on everyone’s face was interesting to see. But before the public’s thought process could go any further in decoding the Morse code of events, rounds of delectable, freshly cooked goat’s Liver led everyone to conclude that things must not be questioned as long as they were leading to such delicious carnivorous treats.

To add further to the delight of this baffled band of brothers, delicious Mutton Karahi along with Naans and Soft Drinks was laid on the mess tables. For once, these modest tables had started to look like a King’s service. Everyone ate till they dropped, and then some more.

The closing note for the day was however a step beyond imagination, if all of the former wasn’t enough to satisfy a protein hungry appetite of the boys, or a curious epicurean mind. Exquisite barbecue items were served for dinner, accompanied with delicious Pulao and followed by traditional sweets - meethai. By then, the mystery behind all of these magical treats had also unraveled within the chatter and chuckles over this hearty meal and there was all praise for the dedicated IBA Boys Hostel administration and the new hostel committee that had jointly cobbled together and Eid to remember indeed! Everyone walked away with a smile on their face, and it seemed like Eid had been saved.

The IBA Boys Hostel is indeed a home away from home for its residents. And this time around, the efforts and zeal of all involved truly reinforced this belief amongst the resident community by going a step further for the sake of the 300-strong family that calls the hostel home.

The IBA Boys Hostel residents are indeed indebted to the Dean and Director, Dr Ishrat Husain, Registrar Capt Ahmed Zaheer, Superintendent, Mr Jami Moiz and Warden Mujahid Bhai and last but not least, the newly elected IBA Boys Hostel Society Committee members who made this a memorable festive occasion for the boys away from home.

Ali Hassan.
IBA Boys Hostel.