Session on Supply Chain Management by Mr. Mujeeb Ali Khan - Director Pharmaceutical Muller & Phipps

Session on Supply Chain Management by Mr. Mujeeb Ali Khan - Director Pharmaceutical Muller & Phipps


"To be a first choice distribution house in Pakistan with diversified businesses and commitment to expand into regional markets."

Mr. Mujeeb Ali Khan In his 90 minutes articulate multimedia presentation back up with Corporate Video he shared with the students that how M&P with the wide network of over 100 distributions hub in the country M&P got everything a brand needs to succeed in pharmaceuticals, FMCGs, Mobile communication etc. He further deliberated that how from launch intelligence to market development insights, from reach of the product to the spread of dependable word of mouth, from distribution across Pakistan to dependable retail management, M&P can cover it all for customers as a dependable omni channel partner.

M&P strong nationwide network assures Principals effective costing, shortened lead times and dependable product quality when and where customers need it. Their coverage includes supermarkets, chemists, general stores, cosmetic stores, computer shops, pan shops, telecom outlets, kiryana outlets and bakeries. Other than Their core services of distribution, our expertise and experience expands but is not limited to the following:

1. Logistics & Distribution

How things are done at M&P? Will it make it there in good shape? Will the ideas be moving enough? How much is left? And how much needs to be brought in? Does it need refrigeration? He informed that some technicalities every brand and business needs to worry about on a daily basis. With M&P logistics and distribution precision, they ensure product availability when, where and as needed. It mean facilitates the companies achieving 7 R (Right Product, Right Customer, Right Customer, Right Price, Right Atmosphere, Right Quality, & Right time. M&P services span across a wide spectrum covering importation, warehousing, stock management, invoicing, cash collection, transportation & delivery, product packaging, repacking and labeling.

2. Cold Chain

With M&P rich experience, their Cool Chain Network equips them with the capacity to handle logistics and distribution for products that require specific temperatures like food, vaccines and lifesaving drugs.

Their fleet of trucks and cold storages reduce the risk of liability and ensure safety with transportation, distribution and storage providing one common temperature of 2.0°C to 8.0°C. Their ongoing temperature monitoring program uses Data loggers for 24/7 recording. Constant system studies promise reliability and expected product efficacy across the system.

3. Sales

Their mark for monitoring addresses, did it meet the target today or not? Is the average daily doing fine? Are the graphs sky-rocketing? Does it need a push or a pull would do? Does meeting questions every brand is answerable to on a daily basis.

Their sales function achieves and sustains revenue growth by improving and increasing overall sales effort with distinctive capabilities in B2B and B2C. Their expertise is widespread in Sales, Key Account Management, Product Training, Order Booking & Processing, Stock Reporting & Planning and Product Bundling. They partnering with clients and refine their sales approaches for good.

4. ROBUST Information Technology

Are the processes easy to handle? Is everything on the fingertip? Is information channelized and automatic? Can business process be simplified with technology? Brands and business today have no choice but to judge themselves on these criterions often. Since 1984, we have been a leading provider of IT products and services in Pakistan designing tailor made IT solutions with world-class technological expertise.

Our Innovative IT infrastructure (with HHTs, Hand Held Terminals) provides time-to-market advantage as well as quality information that enables strategic decision making and ensures competitive advantage.

Students have taken the presentation with keen interest, at the end questions and answer session was interesting and Mr. Mujeeb addressed them to the merit. We are extremely thankful to him for his presence even being employed and busy 24/7