Guest Speaker Session in CIE Class with Ms. Yasmeen Gayas & Emerging Entrepreneur Mr. Shakaib khan

Guest Speaker

Guest speaker sessions with CIE students were held on 3rd November 2015. Ms. Yasmeen Gayas shared her experience of entrepreneurship journey.

Yasmeen Gayas is running a Mineral Water processing unit and marketing and distributing the brand Bee HARRY'S MINERAL WATER throughout Karachi since a decade. Bee Harry's Mineral Water is supplied to around 900 families and offices on regular weekly basis through supplies network buildup and maintained by her team.

The mission of Bee Harry's Mineral Water is to provide optimum quality product and services to all valuable customers. It is under license from PSQCA (Pakistan Standards) and superior to minimum standards of WHO for drinking water. The major focus of which is directed at R.Bs (Refillable Bottles) of 19 litres distributed all over Karachi. The Company is also involved in the manufacture and distribution of N. R.

B.s (Non Refillable Bottles) throughout Sindh and Balochistan. The other products are 600 ml (Disposable Bottles), 1.5 litres (Disposable Bottles), 6 litres (Disposable Bottles).

In her concluding remarks she said always say truth and work with honesty and don't worry about loss, God will support you.

Another emerging entrepreneur Mr. Shakaib khan shared his experience of startup with the audience. A car fanatic since his childhood Mr Shakaib never had formal education pertaining to engineering. As a child he used to sit with mechanics while coming back from school and observe them closely as they repaired the cars. His passion for cars grew as he entered college, and he got enrolled in a BBA program. He gave free tuitions to the children of the mechanics and they taught him how to fix cars in return. This hobby soon turned into a business proposition as he started to take the cars of people he knew and get it repaired for them on a small profit. Being a BBA graduate he used to earn as low as 25-30Rs per car at times, yet he remained determined. After his BBA he started a company called as SK Motors Services and worked on commission basis, with different mechanics, dealing on behalf of customers to the mechanic so they do not charge undue fare for their work. He marketed his company through word of mouth and social media. Also, he found a unique way of making his presence felt in the market, he always used to carry a Tool kit, Jumpstart cable and a Tow cable in his car and stopped on roads to help people pitching to the SKMS once they were good to go. His business involves virtually No operating and depreciation costs as it just bridges the gap between the customers and mechanics.

Having started the company with only 800/- (from his Eid Ul Fitr savings, he recalls) of which he printed visiting cards and stickers, SK Motor Services now has an established customer base of more than 150 regular customers and is now getting into the modified cars sector too.

Both these stories inspired the CIE students and taught them great entrepreneurial lessons.

Guest Speaker