Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop


15th & 16th December '14 marked two intense days in the history to IBA AMAN CED where Mr. Bob Stringer - a guest faculty member conducted a successful workshop on "Challenges for Entrepreneurial Leadership" .Mr. Bob Stringer was visiting IBA from 7th-11th December 2014. He spent his time by engaging in various entrepreneurial intiatives being undertaken by leading entrepreneurial center of Pakistan IBA AMAN CED.Mr. Bob is an MBA from Harvard Business School,USA and also an author of a book on business strategy. He is currently associated with number # 1 Entrepreneurship college in the world Babson College as an adjunt faculty.Previously he served as a faculty member at Harvard Business School. Bob Stringer has been an active angel investor for over 15 years.

Mr. Stringer held a workshop on the "Challenges for Entrepreneurial Leadership" which was held over two days and boasted attendance of some major industry leaders who are always ready to get more insights. The workshop was holistic is all terms where the instructor was able to collapse a semester long course into two days full of information, experience & advice. Two case studies coming from personal experience were discussed in detail in addition to answering a number of questions and relating academic visions as well. All and all it was a brilliant two days which proved to be very helpful to all participants and enabled Mr. Stringer to gauge and engage with the entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

Mr. Robert Stringer was also kind enough to attend the "Rocket Pitch" sessions of the BBA Entrepreneurship students and share with them his perspective on their final ideas. More so Mr. Stringer had the opportunity to attend the final presentations of various women entrepreneurs from the WomenX Entrepreneurship Program where he was able to understand the very basic level on entrepreneurship and was also available to the participants for discussion and advice.