WomenX Entrepreneurship Program


30th January 2015 marked the commencement of the second cohort of Womenx Entrepreneurship Program in collaboration with Enclude and The World Bank. Motivated by the success of the first batch who had just recently graduated after the completion of phase 1 of their educational training, the new batch of students came highly energized for their first class.

The class started with some enlightening verses from the Holy Quran and a then a brief overview of the course outline, expectations of the students and the probable outcomes of the four month course in entrepreneurship. The students were then asked to introduce themselves and their businesses to the class and the students found out about the diverse pool of talent that their colleagues had to offer and the wide range of business fields that each woman came from.

To formally welcome the students to IBA, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director, IBA addressed the women and spoke about the conducive steps that are needed to be taken to boost entrepreneurial growth and how in return it can help serve the Pakistan community to improve the conditions of the much-neglected women of our society. This inspirational address truly helped stress the importance of the Womenx program as a whole and distinguished the significant need for the entrepreneurial input from the women of our country.

After breaking up for Namaz and lunch, the students were separated into groups of two and were interviewed by each other to break the ice between the participants. The purpose of this activity was also to gather material upon which case studies of these energetic business women could be developed for future educational purposes. The students thoroughly enjoyed this ice breaking session as it helped them open up to their classmates and understand the journeys each woman has lead to reach where she is now.

Overall, the first day was a long, but interesting day for the class as each woman was exposed to new learning avenues. They all left, with a feeling of having achieved something substantial, and this was only their first day.