Third JANG Forum Session at IBA


A Jang Forum was conducted for the third time at IBA City Campus by IBA Karachi in collaboration with Jang Group of Newspapers on May 13th 2015. The panel members for this forum included Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director, IBA, Ms. Shehnaz Wazir Ali, Acting President, SZABIST, Dr. Huma Baqai, Faculty Member and Director Communication and Public Affairs, IBA and Mr. Akram (Jang Group) who discussed the current situation of "Higher Education in Pakistan".

Mr. Anwar started the discussion by thanking IBA for hosting Jang Forums and giving everyone a platform to participate in reflective discussions. Mr. Anwar said that Pakistan is facing with problems such as poverty, illiteracy and a lack of opportunities. These problems have been on going and remain unresolved. Afterwards, Mr. Anwar opened the floor for other panel members.

Dr. Huma Baqai commenced the discussion by sharing her opinion on the bus attack that took place earlier that morning where a minority in Pakistan was brutally attacked. She reflected upon this heinous attack and asked the panelists whether there is a lack of education among those who brutally kill people? Are the institutions in Pakistan really providing education or just distributing degrees to students? And is the education system of Pakistan formed in such a way that everyone has an easy access to quality education?

Ms. Shehnaz continued the discussion and said that both public and private sectors play a crucial role in providing higher education to Pakistani students. However, private institutions must meet the requirements of HEC, Pakistan as there are some universities that issue bogus degrees. This is unfair to those who work hard and earn their achievements but yet, remain unemployed. Ms. Shehnaz also added that best institutions have a high fee and not everyone can afford this tuition fee. Thus, for every hard working student, the doors for institutions must be open irrespective of whether they can afford the tuition fee of that institute or not.

Dr. Ishrat, on the other hand contradicted and said that there are many universities that have high tuition fees but they also provide financial assistance to deserving students and IBA, LUMS, Szabist, AKU, NUST, FAST and many others are an example of such institutions which accommodate the underprivileged in getting a quality education at these esteemed institutions. He further added that the institution gets successful when it is able to retain its faculty and for this, they have to provide incentives to its faculty. Public universities must increase their fees and invest that amount in retaining faculty and encouraging developments.

The forum was then open to the audience for a question & answer session. The students and faculty engaged in a lively debate regarding how education system works currently.

Mr. Anwar concluded the discussion by thanking the audience for being active listeners and participants. The details of the Jang forum will appear in the Daily Jang on Monday 18th May.