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Study Trip - Jinnah International Airport


As a part of our curriculum and to have better understanding of airfreight, warehousing, and cargo management a delegates of over 100 students from Dynamics of Logistics & Distribution and EMBA –Supply Chain Management classes of IBA taken extensive trip to the Jinnah Terminal.

During our visit to the terminal we have been given an extensive highly interactive presentation by Mr. Afsar Malik a Guru on Aviation and Cargo management industry in Pakistan.

1. Few of the pickup points to the trip is that over 600 flights from the different country cross our country border and this is the largest portion of the income in the aviation in Pakistan.
2. PIA owes over 27 billion to Civil Aviation. This can represent how bad cash flow situation would have been to cop up even the repairs and maintenance projects.
3. Entire Cargo handling is outsourced this is not in line with the rest of the world
4. Capacity utilization of Jinnah Terminal is below 60%
5. In last three years domestic business is almost static due to higher inflation and people preference of travelling through road
6. International Aviation shows meager increase in volume which can hardly coup up the inflationary trend in the country
7. There are 44 airports in Pakistan. Out of which 27 are operational. However, 4 airports are having capabilities of handling international traffic and cargo.

Overall the trip went very well and it was quite knowledgeable.

At the end we agreed with the following action points with CAA

1. There will be another trip of the best CGPA students maximum 20 to have Ariel and Rader view—installation.
2. CAA will allocate couple of MBA projects for our students.
3. There will be an opportunity of six week internship program for IBA students.

At the end I like to thanks the administration of IBA for a wonderful arrangement and also give my high compliment to Mr. Anis ur Rehman GM Finance of CAA without his recommendation it would have not been possible to have a such a wonderful trip

Muhammad Hanif Ajari
Professor of Practice