Spiritual Cardiology

Once again with his charming and humorous personality, Mr. Zia Ul Haq while visiting IBA, on behalf of IBA IQRA Society was able to enlighten and engage the audience in 17 March 2015's amazing session of 'Spiritual Cardiology'.

Revolving around the different diseases of the heart (jealousy, hatred, arrogance and such other issues that are very much pertinent to today's time), a deep analysis of some the most common diseases was carried out that ranged from their origins to their ultimate cure.

The session was concluded with practical and implementable solutions that provided the audience with a toolkit to take with themselves for their spiritual healing.

Indeed it is for the sake of Allah(swt)'s love that efforts for such meaningful gatherings are planned and executed so that the maximum benefit can be availed by those who strive for the love of Allah(swt) and wish to reform themselves.