IBA's 60 Years Celebration


Karachi, May 2nd 2015: Both present and former faculty and staff members of Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi came together to celebrate the legacy of IBA on May 2nd 2015 at G & T Auditorium, IBA Main Campus. This 60 years celebration ceremony was organized by IBA Employees Welfare Association (EWA).

The ceremony commenced with the recitation of few verses of Holy Quran which was followed by an address of former Dean and Director IBA, Dr. Abdul Wahab to the invitees. At this auspicious occasion, Dr. Abdul Wahab complimented all the staff and faculty of IBA for their contributions in making IBA an institution that offers higher learning experiences to its students.

Later, Dr. Ishrat, present Dean and Director, IBA in his address to invitees said: "Merit based admission process, timely classes; timely exams, top notch faculty selection etc. are the basic principles of success for an institution. IBA has achieved this pinnacle of success for which retired Deans, Staff members and faculty members all deserve accolades and applause." Dr. Ishrat further applauded the staff for taking an initiative to organize this ceremony for former Dean, faculty and staff members. He said: "It's the people and policies that make institutions and not just buildings. World has 300-400 year old institutions and I hope to see IBA in that prestigious line. Let us all take this institution further than what it is today."


Furthermore, Captain (Retd.) Ahmed Zaheer, Registrar IBA presented awards to Retired employees of IBA followed by Dr. Abdul Wahab who presented awards to those employees of IBA who though have departed from the world but their endless services to IBA will always be recognized. Moreover, Dr. Ishrat Hussain presented awards to present Faculty Members at IBA such as Dr. Saeed Ghani, Dr. Nishat, Dr. Nasir Touheed, Dr. Mehnaz Fatima, Dr. Zeenat Ismail and many more. The backbone of IBA, which is the staff members who contribute diligently to this institution were also acknowledged and awarded on the momentous occasion by Dr. Ishrat.

The ceremony continued with much enthusiasm and happiness as souvenirs and shields were presented to Dr. Ishrat Hussain and Dr. Abdul Wahab. Dr. Ishrat Hussain presented a shield and gold medal to Dr. Abdul Wahab who in return also presented shield, gold medal and his book to Dr. Ishrat Hussain.

The event concluded with the Note of Thanks presented by President EWA, Mr. Muhamad Kamal Jokhio. After this, there was a cake cutting ceremony where Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dr. Abdul Wahab, Dr. Nishat, Captain (Retd.) Ahmed Zaheer and Mr. Muhammad Jokhio participated. Then, group photos was taken and a sumptuous feast was enjoyed by all.