Session on "From Regional Diplomacy to a Plurilateral Thematic International Organization" by Dr. Tiago Ferreira

Jul 29, 2017: Session on From Regional Diplomacy to a Plurilateral Thematic International Organization by Dr. Tiago Ferreira

Dr. Tiago Ferreira Lopes, Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, has attended the XXII Portuguese Youth Atlantic Seminar as Workshop Coordinator. The XXII Portuguese Youth Atlantic Seminar, under the theme "The Alliance's Role in a Challenging World", took place at the Air Force Base No. 1 (Sintra, Portugal) from 22nd to the 29th of July.

The workshop coordinated by Dr. Tiago Ferreira Lopes started on July 23 and kept going on until July 28 when all groups had to present their findings and be subjected to the questions posed by the workshop coordinator. The overarching theme of the workshop was "From Regional Diplomacy to a Plurilateral Thematic International Organization".

The four working groups were: 1.) Responsibility to Protect, 2.) Collective Defense, 3.) Crisis Management and 4.) Cooperative Security. Each group produced a set of policy recommendations. The XXII PAYS is one of the oldest events of the YATA/ATA networks (NATO affiliated structures) and counted with the participation of delegates from 12 countries.

The Seminar counted also with panels on diverse subjects, related with NATO operations and areas of interest, given by Experts, Academicians, Diplomats, Members of Parliament, Air Force Officers and NATO Public Diplomacy Officials. There were also visits to Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon included in the program.