Oath Taking Ceremony at IBA Boys hostel


For any given university globally, if there is a single factor that distinguishes it from the rest, it is the student diversity it has to offer. Keeping this is mind; The Institute of Business Administration Karachi has invested a lot of its valuable resources in its Hostels’ Infrastructure and facilities. These investments have yielded exceptional alumni from the IBA Boys’ Hostel. However, what matters most is how to maintain these facilities, respect and honor. Hence one of the most integral societies of IBA plays a role to manage the IBA Boys’ Hostel matters. This society is known as the “IBA Boys’ Hostel Society”.

To illustrate its dedication towards IBA, the hostel committee worked with the administration and managed to pull off an exceptional and exclusive Oath Taking Ceremony. On the invitation of the Hostel Superintendent, Prof. Jami Moiz, the Dean and Director, Dr. Ishrat Hussain was invited to not only attend the exclusive Hostel Oath taking ceremony but also to interact with the Hostel residents and have dinner in the Hostel Mess. What followed was a remarkable experience where all hostel residents got a chance to have their questions answered from the Dean and Director himself.

We acknowledge the effort made by the Hostel Administration for managing the event. Moreover, we would like to thank the respected guests, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, S.M Saeed, Student Counselor and Mahreen Nazar, Superintendent, IBA Girls Hostel for gracing us with their presence at the hostel oath taking ceremony.

Hasan Mansoor Khan
IBA Boys’ Hostel 2015-2016