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Frontiers of Diplomacy: Model United

Nations IBA Karachi (MUNIK) 2013

The concept of an academic simulation of the primary organs of the United Nations has been a global rage for several years now. Leading academic institutions have introduced the practice of Model United Nations to Pakistan ever since 2003. Model United Nations, IBA Karachi (MUNIK) is one of the biggest of these practices in Pakistan and was initiated by the Public Speaking Society (PSS) of IBA.

MUNIK began its journey of organizing MUN Conferences in 2010. What started as a conference with a humble 450 delegates has grown into an institution that hosts over 1000 talented Pakistanis every year in Karachi. The purpose of MUNIK transcends beyond the need to develop a keen appreciation for international affairs amongst the youth in Pakistan. MUNIK has been led with the vision to ensure that students in Pakistan are given a competent platform that instills in them the confidence to debate, negotiate, lead and collaborate. These skills are needed by young people in Pakistan so that the future leaders and representatives of this country can carry an image that is worthy of international respect and admiration.

MUNIK IV (2013) will facilitate participations across eighteen committees channeled towards a discussion of pertinent global issues. Delegates in a MUN Conference represent assigned countries within the scope of different committees. Participants are given a feel of the traditional dynamics of the UN by given them a chance to draft a resolution that is approved unanimously by a majority of the members of a committee.

MUN Committees are moderated and supervised by Committee Directors, individuals who have a wealth of MUN experience and are well versed in the functionalities of the United Nations. MUNIK IV has recruited a pool of extremely gifted Committee Directors. This year MUNIK has attracted Eight International Chairs from across countries like USA, UK and China among others. Each year the conference invites International Chairs with the dual purpose of providing participants with international exposure and establishing a positive image of Pakistan for the international community. With a MUNIK IV is being hosted in an era when the human race has not fully come to terms with the implications of globalization and has instead begun to fear a world without national boundaries. In this era of confusion and insecurity, fear and apprehension have the potential of threatening world peace. The generation that will lead the future must thus be acquainted with not only the challenge it faces but must also be encouraged to realize the solution to this crisis. Therefore MUNIK IV, participants are being asked to Think.Global so that individuals across different countries learn to think beyond themselves.

MUNIK’s commitment towards public speaking in Pakistan has been executed each year by different but equally talented and experienced individuals. This year’s Secretariat and Convening Committee have not only had the privilege of participating in some of the world’s most celebrated MUN Conferences (Harvard World MUN, EuroMUN, New York MUN) but have also been rewarded with several accolades. It is with great effort and rigorous selection that award winning public speakers, debaters and MUN champions at IBA bring to you MUNIK this year – a legacy that continues.

MUNIK IV will be hosted from 18th to the 22nd January, 2013 at the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi.

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