Managing Difficult Brands

Managing Difficult Brands

April 17, 2018: Mr. Jami Moiz, Marketing Faculty, organized a guest speaker session for the students of 'Brand Management'. Mr. Salman Taufiq, Category Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser, was the speaker of the event and was invited to discuss the evolution of the brand 'Veet'.

The session commenced with answering key questions such as why managing a brand is important for a company and what are the core responsibilities of a brand manager. Mr. Salman commented that brand management is a rigorous process in which effective communication plays a vital role when designing a successful marketing campaign since knowing consumers is a key element.

The theme of the session revolved around the campaign of Veet and the dilemma of whether to showcase glamour in their ad campaigns or to focus on the functionality of the product. Mr. Salman, considering the complexity of societal norms in Pakistan, acknowledged that Veet is considered a taboo product in the country and therefore, mentioned that when designing a marketing campaign, it is essential for a marketer to keep in mind the conservative mindset of an ordinary Pakistani.

When Veet launched its campaign with Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador, the advertisement faced a lot of criticism due to its high sex appeal. To counter this, the brand team had to come up with something that would fit in with the cultural values of Pakistan and promote Veet by focusing on its convenience and functionality. A new campaign was launched which focused on differentiated marketing space that involves purpose driven marketing by impacting lives in a positive way. This ad had Shraddha Kapoor in it and was targeted at young girls of ages 18-19 years. This was not a successful campaign as a downgrade of brand ambassador wasn't appreciated by the audience. Later, Mahira Khan was taken on board as the face of the brand, which created much buzz in the industry.

Talking about the attention span of the consumer, Mr. Salman expressed that in order to retain the attention span, the first five seconds of the ad should mention the main idea i.e. the brand logo and the purpose. More on, commenting on the price and packaging he discussed how the SKUs should be designed according to the need and awareness of the target market.

Having established a well reputed brand equity in the market, Veet is now looking for other innovative marketing techniques to promote the brand such as the 'Veet Super Model' contest that helped them to create ripples in the industry and also to focus on their CSR activities in an attempt to create a positive image in the market.

The highly interactive session turned out to be a wonderful learning opportunity for the students and equipped them to implement the knowledge in their professional lives. Concluding the session, Mr. Jami Moiz thanked the speaker on the behalf of IBA and presented him with a small token of appreciation.