Inauguration Ceremony of Tabinda Chinoy's Reel Artwork at IBA Karachi

May 16, 2017: Inauguration Ceremony of Tabinda Chinoy's Reel Artwork at IBA Karachi

May 16: The Outreach Committee of the Karachi Biennale 2017 organized the inauguration ceremony of Tabinda Chiony's reel artwork "Peace and Harmony – The Yellow Flower" for Reel On Hai at IBA Main Campus. Dean and Director IBA, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, art critic and Chief Guest, Ms. Marjorie Hussain, along with Ms. Masuma Halai Khawaja-Chairperson Public Outreach Committee Karachi Biennale 2017, Dr. Tiago Lopes - Patron IBA Arts Society, Ms. Aliya Naqvi - Professor Department of Social Science IBA, Dr. Faiza Mushtaq - Chair Department of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts IBA and many other SSLA faculty members were also present at the auspicious occasion.

Reel On Hai is an ambitious public art project, aiming to rescue and transform discarded cable reels into works of art. The Public Outreach Committee of "Reel On Hai" aims to make Karachi city look beautiful by creatively transforming the discarded cable reels into pieces of colorful art. The cable reel was specifically chosen by Karachi Biennale as it happens to be a symbol of Karachi's industry. Pakistan Cables and Karachi Biennale Trust signed an MoU earlier in July 2016 for Reel On Hai, scheduled for completion in 2017. Reel on Hai has invited artists, designers and architects to paint the cable reels, which will be installed in public spaces throughout Karachi. The organizers for this event were the Reel On Hai Project committee and the reel artwork has been supported by Millat tractors limited.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Ms. Tabinda Chinoy briefed the audience about the initiative. She highlighted the issue of lack of visual representation of the city and how this results in a lack of representation of the root culture and traditions. She analyzed the whole scenario by comparing Karachi with other cities of Pakistan in terms of cultural representation. She mentioned that Lahore, Islamabad, etc. have a better representation of culture then Karachi and this is the area where the city lacks. She also stressed over the positive impact art creates on young minds and thanked the IBA students including, Waleed Paracha, Hammad Ali and Muhammad Arsalan, who helped her complete this artwork.

May 16, 2017: Inauguration Ceremony of Tabinda Chinoy's Reel Artwork at IBA Karachi

Taking it forward Ms. Tabinda Chinoy explained the Reel art she made, "It has two sides with two different abstract painting concepts. One is named "Peace and Harmony" and the other "The Yellow Flower". The side, which is named as peace and harmony was a conceptual art about gathering the citizens of the city at a single platform and providing them with opportunities. This also showcased the concept of acceptance of religion and equality amongst citizens of the city. The other side talked about the dilemma of women in our society and how a Pakistani woman goes through daily life problems but still manages to smile. The problems she spoke about included domestic violence, gender based harassment, etc. The art critic, Ms. Marjorie Hussain also spoke at the occasion. During her speech she expressed gratitude and appreciation towards the efforts of IBA students, Tabinda Chinoy and IBA for facilitating this initiative.

Addressing the audience, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal also mentioned the importance of art in the society. He talked about the diversity of art and how it affects the mind of the newer generation. He also stated that Karachi is the hub of diversified people with different ethnic backgrounds, race and culture so there should be more visual representation of this melting pot of cultures.

Ms. Masuma Halai Khawaja - Chairperson Public Outreach Committee Karachi Biennale 2017, said, "We are working very hard at making art visible and accessible to people of Karachi through Reel On Hai and hope that the art installations inspire both the old and young residents of the city". She also briefed the audience on how the idea of turning cable reels into works of art began; the first reel art was done in Orangi Town because it was a microcosm of Karachi. She thanked all the organizations for their support towards the project.