IBA International LeadershOp Conference’16


The IBA International LeadershOp Conference (ILC) is an initiative taken by the IBA Leadership Club, which aims to create future leaders from the youth of today. To accomplish this goal what is required is a positive change in the values, perspective and attitude of the youth. Since its inception in 2008, ILC has always lived up to expectations of participants. ILC is a forum that aims to inculcate certain attributes in its participants in the hope to help them in all walks of life. It is imperative that they realize the need of hour, and rise superbly to the challenges life presents them with. An aspiration of this conference is that the participants leave more aware of themselves, the community and the wider world and understand their responsibility towards each one of them. Through the program and unique blend of activities, ILC strives to strengthen the participant's self-confidence, inter-personal skills, communication skills and most importantly, bring out and enhance their leadership potential.
IBA International LeadershOp Confeernce’16 was taken place from 3rd to 6th January’16. This year’s theme “Changing Mindsets” was designed keeping in mind how we as individuals, as a society and as a nation are perceived all over the globe. All of us are heavily infused by fixed mindsets and as we grow older, it becomes more difficult to change ourselves.
The four steps of changing the mindsets are:

• Hearing the voice
• Recognizing the choices that we have
• Approach the challenges with a growth mindset
• Make your voice be your choice and take the lead!

The president of the event, Sundas Iqbal launched the event with the aim to instill these concepts into the participants’ thoughts, words and actions.

The participants were divided into 10 clusters and were provided a cluster facilitator to provide assistance where required. These clusters performed the following activities over the next 4 days with great excitement and motivation:

• Mine field
• Treasure Hunt
• Military Boot Camp Training at GO AISH
• Crisis Management
• Re Branding Pakistan & SIACHEN

After each activity, the participants would be brought into the auditorium where they would discuss and analyze the activity itself, their performance, and how it has helped them.

Mine Field:
The participants in their clusters had to collect 10 items which were placed across the field; they had to ensure that they did not bump into any mines in the process. The team that reached the finish line first won.
The purpose of the activity was to build teamwork, cooperation, coordination, respect, tolerance and most importantly, leadership skills within the participants.

Treasure Hunt:
The participants were first given the task to form their team names, slogan and a flag. Submission of these three things would get them the first clue. Thinking, concentrating and comprehending the clues would lead them to the following clues. The team that figures out the clues first, wins.
The purpose was to enhance team building, strategic thinking, time management, coordination and patience.

Military Boot Camp Training at GO AISH:
The participants were given the following activities to perform:

- Flying fox
- Wall Climbing
- Swing
- Long Course

By performing these activities, the participants came out of their confined shells. They also overcame their fears, which is an important part of changing one’s mindset. Through these activities, the participants were also able to identify their hidden strengths.

Crisis Management:
The participants were taken by surprise when they were attacked with water balloons from above. How they reacted to this unexpected crisis was an important part of the learning process. The aim was to guide them on how to react in a calm manner whenever a crisis occurs. They were then given different tasks in their teams; the tasks involved lighting a bonfire and making BBQ.

Re-Branding Pakistan & SIACHEN:
The teams were asked to prepare presentations for the activity Rebranding Pakistan, focusing on an issue that Pakistan is facing and how they believe it can be resolved. They were also asked to form a tag line for their idea.

The other aspect of the activity included focusing on the positive aspects of the country; to portray Pakistan in a short video about how they’d want the world to view Pakistan. As an extension of this activity, the participants were taken to watch SIACHEN, a play written by the famous AnwerMaqsood, in order to bring a sense of patriotism and loyalty within the youngsters, along with showing a different perspective from the norms of our daily lives in Pakistan.

The presentations and videos were graded by a panel of judges who focused not only on the content and ideas but also on delivery and confidence of the students on an individual and team basis.

The activity helped to enhance the confidence, teamwork and communication skills, along with building a focus on strategic thinking and leadership as well. Moreover, with the current law & order situation in the country, it is important to focus on changing the mindsets of people; to think positive about the country and its future.

Alongside the blend of activities, many young and successful speakers were invited to help nurture the required skills of the participants, while pumping up their motivation levels.

Mr. Azeem Siddique
Having successfully fought off cancer when doctors felt he couldn’t, he shared his life changing experience with the participants. He believes in dealing with the ups and downs head on, not to lose hope; not to think of NO as an option; and not giving up. He was truly an inspiration for the youngsters.

Mr. Sohail Zindani
He focused on the theme Changing Mindsets by giving different examples to the audience. His talk was very impressive, and really motivated the youngsters.

Mr. Maaz
An IBA Graduate and a TTYT certified Trainer, Mr. Maaz shared his experiences with the crux that the judgments we initially form in our minds about people are usually far from reality. In fact, one must take time before forming perceptions about those around us. His session was based on the theme of this year’s conference CHANGING MINDSETS.

Ms. Zenith Irfan
1 Girl and 2 Wheels, Zenith shared her experience of the trip she took to the northern areas of Pakistan at the age of 18 riding a motorcycle. With a purpose in her mind and will power in her heart, she learnt, rode, fell, and then picked herself up but did not give up. She told the participants that in a society where women are perceived to be confined to the boundaries of their homes, all you need to do is to believe in yourself; once you can do this, nothing can stop you.

After a thrilling conference filled with different activities and sessions, the participants were taken to the beach for relaxing themselves and enjoying the calm winter waves.

Closing Ceremony
The grand event came to a close with Sundas Iqbal handing out certificates to the participants; she also thanked the team members of ILC and gave them certificates for their hard work and relentless efforts as a team to bring about perfection in ILC.

We would like to thank Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Dean and Director of IBA, Dr. Nasir Afghan, patron of the IBA Leadership Club, and Captain Ahmed Zaheer, Registrar at IBA for their continuous support to the ILC team.