Guest Speaker Session on Neuro-Marketing for MBA Students

Guest Speaker Session on Neuro-Marketing for MBA Students

March 30, 2018: Mr. Humza Mehfooz Trade and Visibility Manager at Unilever Pakistan conducted a guest speaker session for MBA students at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi on Friday. During his session Mr. Mehfooz talked about his current work at Unilever and how he believes it can revolutionize the concept of marketing.

Neuromarketing is a relatively new branch of marketing which uses neuropsychological techniques in order to understand consumer behavior and design effective marketing strategies. While this branch of study is still in its early stages Mr. Mehfooz sees its immense potential and the very real impact it can make on the way we approach brand activation and category management.

The fundamental ideas behind neuromarketing, addressed Mr. Mehfooz, revolve around the three reactions created in the human brain in reaction to stimuli: the first is an instinctive reaction; the second is an emotional reaction; and the third is a rational reaction. Mr. Mehfooz debated with the students how every decision they make is made using all three reactions, hence no decision is entirely rational. Every choice we make has an instinctive and an emotional component.

In order to study shopping patterns and how consumers react to various advertisements, pupil scanning techniques as well as EEGs are used. These are used to quantify, for example, the amount of time that a person’s eyes will stay on a particular graphic in a poster, and why he or she would completely ignore other aspects of the same poster.

Humans are incapable of fully processing all the information they receive and so always see the world myopically. The marketer’s job is to identify the areas where human attention is usually directed and create influential stimuli in those areas.

An example that Mr. Mehfooz gave was of a poster with a baby’s picture on it. If the baby is facing the front, viewers will only look at the baby and completely ignore the product and text beside it. However, if the baby is facing the text, the human eye will automatically move from the baby to the text. This small change in graphics can turn an unsuccessful campaign into a successful one.

In the world of rapid development where consumers are changing their habits and way of living every day, the session provided thorough insights on recent trends and the technological advancements that make behavioral study possible. The students not only delved deeper on how the market dynamics are changing but also got awareness regarding the tools available that make studying human beings possible. Mr. Humza, the only neuro-marketer in Pakistan, has some brilliant insights up his sleeve and is all set to be a game changer in the retailing industry of Pakistan.