Guest Speaker Session on Digital Marketing - Mr. Babar Khan Javed

Guest Speaker Session on Digital Marketing - Mr. Babar Khan Javed


For the course of Principles of Marketing (BBA), a guest speaker session was conduct by Prof. Alia Hasan to provide the students with a different perspective on Digital Marketing. Mr. Baber Khan Javed was invited to speak to the class; he works as an expert on Digital Marketing and Social Media trends. Mr. Baber works mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and is currently one of three Pakistanis to be Squared-certified, which is Google’s highest PHD program. He also writes for Branding in Asia and has worked on numerous projects for various organizations such as Nike.

The session was primarily aimed at providing details and instances where Digital Marketing trends are heading. He claimed that people in this day and age have become gullible, and are now easily deceived by claims by big corporations. He reiterated that we should never take statistics on their face-value and ask whether the data has been verified by a third-party, one which does not have a vested interest in the company. He also talked about the clutter that is present on Social Media, and how people are hesitant to go over to the second page of web results on Google, so owing to the short attention spans, it is paramount to be at the forefront every search – making sure that your content is at the first page is crucial here.

Mr. Baber also discussed the retail trends that have been evolving due to the development in technology. We are looking at a future where fridges will replenish themselves after asking about your preference on an app on your smartphone. Gone are the days where we will head over to retail stores and physically labor to pick and drop items in our cart. The death of retail is inevitable, but that reality is still decades ahead of us. He shared his own experience of living in Singapore, where the Google Maps app on his phone notifies him about the nearest restaurants on his way to the office. Restaurants have pitched their deals on the Google Maps app, and are now claiming that it will only take a moment to drop by and have a bite! He also shared his experience of working for Nike, where they initiated a campaign in Singapore, whereby consumers were given tasks, and upon completion they received free gifts and offers. Their performance was tracked on Nike’s own app, and finally at the end, a High Score board was set up in the middle of the city center, and participants were ranked. This gave the customers a chance to immerse themselves in the brand and become a part of a community, which gives them a sense of belongingness. They also turned an everyday banker to an Olympian representing Singapore in the international games! Finally, he concluded with why it is important for brands to stand out in this age of technology. The level of clutter will overshadow your efforts if the ideas are not well-thought and creative.

One behalf of the BBA students and Miss. Alia Hasan, I would like to thank Mr. Baber Javed for taking out the time from his schedule and holding an interactive session with the students, to give them exposure to this new age of Digital Marketing. It was a pleasure having him in the class.

Written by: Uzair Mirza