Guest Speaker Session - Mr. Amir Haleem from KueBall BYV


For the course of Advertising (MBA), yet another speaker session was conducted by Prof. Alia Hassan to enhance the learning of students. This time Mr. Syed Amir Haleem graced us with his presence. Mr. Haleem is the CEO of KueBall BYV Digital which is a New York based digital company. Mr. Amir brought to the session his learning and diverse experience in the field of advertising. With over 25 years of advertising experience, Mr. Haleem has successfully launched over 30 brands from banking solutions to confectionaries. He has experienced senior level management for over 15 years in areas of developing and implementing brand and corporate strategy.

The session aimed at educating students about Ad Effectiveness and media planning. Though the concepts exist in theory, it was truly an experience to study them from a practitioners view point. The session started off with the key concepts of Ad Effectiveness which focused on the importance and benefits of effective advertising. The discussion was carried out in great detail and some real life tips were given on how the ad effectiveness is measured by agencies. Media planning was discussed in the light of practical work environment. To further elaborate the subject, important concepts of media planning like budgeting, media and messaging were discussed with the help of live examples. During the time, different ads were shown and students were asked to observe, critically analyze and compare the ads on the basis of ad effectiveness.

Practical issues like lack objectivity were discussed. He related the problem with his own project on ‘Tang’. He shared his knowledge on popular metrics that are used to gauge the success of an ad. He discussed the concepts of Brand Recall and Rational Measures and related them with different real examples that enabled students to understand clearly the evaluation and measuring parameters of ads. Moving on with the questions and quality discussion, the session ended up with the dissection of two ads, their key message, clarity, creativity, simplicity and relevance and how they effectively communicated its message. The session was thoroughly interactive. Mr. Haleem bridged the communication gap by entertaining student’s queries in a gentle manner.

On behalf of MBA advertising students and Miss Alia Hassan, I would like to thank our guest speaker Mr. Amir Haleem for taking out time to hold an interactive session with our students. It was indeed a pleasure to have valuable insights that relate well with what we learn in class.

Written by: Anum Naseem