IBA Faculty Ghazal Farrukhi Talks at HRCP Highlighting the Plight of Forced Conversions

Ghazal Farrukhi, Teaching Fellow at IBA and PhD Candidate at John Hopkins University in the field of Anthropology, is featured in Dawn Metro's front page. She recently spoke at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan regarding her study titled "Pakistani bureaucracy and forced conversion". Through the course of her studies she found that since pre-partition days the problem had existed in the region. In recent years the topic has come under scrutiny following the Rinkal Kumari in 2012. She mentioned how girls would disappear and later emerge as married converts where the conservatives would insist on their "love of religion" while the left would debate towards "forced conversions". The article discusses the underlying motives for either sides debates keeping in mind social circumstances, stature and familial background coupled with lack of meaningful laws.

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