Entrepreneurship & Team Development


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" – Benjamin Franklin

A two day workshop on "Entrepreneurship and Team Development" was conducted on 15th & 16th May by Mujtaba Safri and Syed Aun Rizvi as part of their Experiential Learning Project (ELP) under the guidance of Mr. Kamil Shahbazkar and Mr. Ali Janjua. The workshop was aimed towards developing entrepreneurship and & community development skills in students of underprivileged government school and their parents.


The workshop contained series of activities in which audience was required to understand the basics of business management & profit recording. Activities also aimed at realizing the significance of team work and critical thinking in small businesses.

The workshop also invited speakers such as Mr. Bassam Mallick, associate manager risk from Tameer Bank who gave the audience an overview of group lending opportunities provided by Tameer Bank and the benefits of group lending; Mohammad Hassan Khan (BBA-8) who shared his life story with the audience about his entrepreneurial journey at Stallion Deliveries; and Mr. Kamil Shahbazkar, lecturer at IBA, to deliver significant points on attaining enlightenment through education and creating visionary goals.

Overall, the 2 day workshop was successful in fulfilling its purpose and the audience took home with them a wealth of knowledge which will help them in their lives.