Earth Hour Celebration: Lights Off, Earth On


IBA Go Green Society organized an event namely "Earth Hour Celebration: Lights OFF, Earth ON" on 2nd April, 2015 in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan. The initiative was appreciated by various companies and along with this, K-electric became the leading partner for the event with its Energy Conservation Initiative. TV One and News One were the media partners for the event.

The event began by welcoming the guests from the partner companies. Lights were switched off and the whole Amphitheater was decorated with luminaries and glow decorations. A themed photo booth, glow stall and food stalls for the participants were also arranged.

Owais Wahab, an IBA student, gave an amazing music performance which was enjoyed by everyone. The audience sang along with him. The guest speaker, Samad Abbas Zaidi delivered an amazing session to the audience. Kumail Hashim took that session further with his mesmerizing voice through a performance.

Next, the participants floated the lanterns into the sky. The view of IBA at that moment was breathtaking. After the celebrations, there was a movie screening of Disney "Big Hero 6". The movie was enjoyed by the audience and was a good end to the event.

The audience included IBA students, their family members, IBA management and their family members, and students from other universities. The event was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. This event was successfully executed IBA Go Green Society. IBA Go Green Society looks forward to come up with more such events in the future.