Message from the Dean & Director


Dear Graduating Class:

The time of the year is here when you prepare rigorously for interviews, applications and tests to secure jobs and internships at your targeted organizations. This stage in your life is critical as it will help you set an inspiring direction for a successful career.

IBA understands the necessity for you to excel in this process, and therefore we work harder every year to support your job search efforts.

Remember that success means reflecting a strong and positive image of yourself and your Institute, to attract potential employers and convince them of your integrity.

It is therefore important that the following points be remembered during all the upcoming campus recruitment programs:

1. Show respect to all organizations- big and small- by attending their session displaying disciplined, organized behaviors that have been IBA's hall mark. Don't talk among yourselves while the visitor is speaking to you .This behavior shows poorly upon you and IBA and offends many of the interviewers. Listen to them carefully and ask penetrating questions.

2. Display professionalism by coming in on time, well prepared, and informed, showing your active interest in the proceedings.

3. Find out in detail about those organization that are offering jobs / internship, in your particular areas of interest or majors. This targeted approach will help you steer your career in the field of your interest right from the start. Going after any and every job will confuse you and might take you away from your target.

4. Do not miss interviews that you are short listed for, and if unavoidable make sure you follow the proper procedures for re-scheduling thereby not leaving a negative impression on the relevant organization.

Act like the leader that you aspire to be in the future, and gain respect for yourself and IBA.

We wish you all good luck as you embark upon the exciting journey ahead.

Dean & Director IBA