Annual Islamic Conference


In today's fast-paced world of science, logical reasoning and absolutism, the question of living one's life according to 'faith' and 'religion' has put many a people in doubt, confusion and uncertainty.


It doesn't matter what stage of life we are in, sooner or later we end up questioning the validity of religion in the modern era ourselves or meet people who force us to think along these line. To cater to such conflict, IBA Iqra Society powered by MEAT ONE organized its mega event: THE ANNUAL ISLAMIC CONFERENCE 2015 on 5 April from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m at Gani & Tayub Auditorium, IBA Karachi Main Campus.

The conferences focused on the theme of religion and rationality and made participants to explore the science behind rationality and its relevance for being used as a tool to evaluate religion.

Not only that, the conference also included a discussion on atheism, and the thought processes involved with it. It then explained what's wrong with those philosophies and why believing in religion is rational. After attending the conference participants acquired tools to confront challenging yet the most common issues raised by atheists, e.g. Who created God?

Participants had unique experience since issues that were discussed in this conference were never addressed in such manner before. There was Q/A session in the end and remaining confusions were cleared through this way. At least participants now know what they are following can never be called delusion, in fact rationality explains religion, however due to limited capacity of human mind, rationality is subservient to revelation.

Renowned personalities that spoke at the conference were:

Dr. Abdul Wahab Suri-Associate Professor at the UoK. Spoke on the topic 'the inability of pure reason to judge religion'

Brother Adnan Rashid-Senior reasearcher at iERA. Came especially for the event from UK. Talked about 'Islam & rationality'

Brother Shujauddin Sheikh-Teacher at Quran academy and a TV show host. He discussed whether it is rational to implement Shariah laws in public sphere or not.

Brother Saad Mehmood-An astrophysicist (Queen Mary University, London), He also came from UK for the event. He answered the question, 'Is belief in God delusional?'

Molana Ahmed Ghani-Teacher at The intellect schools and aalim from Darul-uloom Karachi. He explained the use of reason and rationality via Quran.

All the event was video recorded and clippings will be posted on AIC 15 official facebook page :