Trade Policy Analysis: A Case Study on Pakistan by Dr. Aadil Nakhoda

Dr. Aadil Nakhoda (Assistant Professor) has recently completed a case study on the trading patterns of Pakistan using various empirical tools. The publication, titled "A practical guide to trade policy analysis: A case on Pakistan", is hosted on United Nation's Virtual Institute (Vi) portal. Following is the link:

"The growth in world trade has been volatile during the last decade mainly due to the fluctuations in commodity and oil prices. This has led to a lasting impact on developing economies, such as Pakistan. The primary purpose of this teaching material is to present tools to analyze trading patterns through various trade indicators and relevant econometric regressions, the impact of freer trade regimes on exports as well as on economic welfare, and, lastly, the impact of trade liberalization policies on households. Although, the target audience are academics and researchers on international trade, this teaching material is useful to anyone who is interested in studying the trading patterns of a developing economy and the impact of trade policies on its economic welfare."